Bubble King High Output Bubble Machine


3 Double bubble wands High Output Complete Bubble coverage

About the Bubble King Bubble Machine from Chauvet

The Chauvet DJ Bubble King is the biggest name in bubbles – with 3 double wands the machine can pump out bubbles at an extremely high output ensuring complete coverage of an area with bubbles.  The machine has a manual bubble button for simple operation and an easily removeable fluid tank.  Comes with a mountable bracket and power cord.  If a room filled with bubbles is your aim then this really is the King and is perfect for larger spaces – student unions, venues, and it has excellent output for outdoor spaces too.

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Why we love the Bubble King Bubble Machine from Chauvet

A totally brilliant bubble machine in our humble opinion; it has great output throwing out bubbles to fill spaces completely with bubbles.  The triple wand is a great addition and is likely responsible for the dense bubble offering; it is also a super easy to use machine with easily removeable fluid tank and manual operation.  It is a great bubble machine for any user and can be used in small, mid and big venues making it a perfect choice for DJ’s, venue managers, event planners and festivals.

Where to use the Bubble King Bubble Machine from Chauvet 

This is a great bubble machine, it is powerful and simple to use – you can rely on it to give you the bubble effect you are after and no room will be left empty of bubbles with this machine..  It’s our go to machine for student union events, nightclubs, large venues, special events and outdoor festivals; the simple bubble button operation makes it great for one person operation; perfect for DJ’s and party planners.