Hurricane 1200 Smoke Machine


Powerful 1200W Thick fog output Timer remote control!

About the Hurricane 1200 Smoke Machine

The Hurricane 1200 Smoke Machine is a powerful and portable fog machine for large events, light shows and the like.  It is a high quality, water based fogger and can fill up a venue on demand with a thick fog output.  It can be operated by the included wired timed remote or manually allowing for versatility and precise operation.  If you’re looking to create a thick fog vibe in your venue this machine can give thick fog on demand with Always Ready technology.  The advanced fluid sensor has automatic shut off protecting the pump from overheating.

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Why we love the Hurricane 1200 Smoke Machine from Chauvet:

The Hurricane 1200 is a great machine, its portable, lightweight and easy to use yet is powerful to fill a venue with dense fog in a few minutes.  We love that you can operate it manually or by timed remote which allows precise operation and variable output.  Small things make us happy which is why we love the LED illuminated tank – it makes operation easy and safe.  The Hurricane 1200 has a simple set up with one-person operation – perfect for DJ’s, event planners, theatres, performance companies and venues looking to add BIG FX to their event; it’s also by the ever reputable Chauvet who know how to bring performance and value together.  

Where to use the Hurricane 1200 Smoke Machine from Chauvet: 

This is a dense fogger and excels at highlighting light shows, is also great for outdoor atmospheric events and is really for those showpiece events where you need that thick dense fog creating!  We would likely use this for larger venues, sports halls, large events, for product reveals, Halloween outdoor spectaculars – it is our go to machine for all outdoor festivals and large spaces.

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