Hurricane 1DX DMX Controlled Haze Machine


Lightweight hazer for thin atmospherics Silent running Small footprint!

About the Hurricane Haze 1DX Compact DMX Controlled Hazer

The Hurricane Haze 1DX machine from Chauvet is a compact hazer that gives off a thin atmosphere to enhance any light show.  The built in volume know offers smooth stand alone operation and the silent running fan means the machine can be used in any environment from theatres to nightclubs.  It has a digital display for setting DMX functions quickly and easily and the build in sensor helps the longevity of the machine by stopping the pump when fluid levels are low.

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Why we love the Hurricane Haze 1DX machine from Chauvet

This is a great lightweight haze machine that takes up hardly any space! The compact nature of the machine combined with the silent running makes it a perfect choice of machine for shows of any kind –theatre productions, performances, open mic, gigs and more.  It is water based and has some other great functions that we love – the automatic shut off when fluid runs low, the digital display makes it easy for setting a DMX address and the haze output can be controlled using the digital display – no controller required!

Where to use the Hurricane Haze 1DX DMX Controlled machine from Chauvet 

Haze machines create thin atmospheric haze perfect for showing up light displays in clubs, theatre and event spaces.  We would always choose haze over fog for lightshows, atmospherics outside or where we want the haze to suspend for longer in the area.  

Hurricane 1DX DMX Controlled Haze Machine Videos