Colour Raider Battery Uplighter Kit


Battery Powered Flood, Wash with ease! Carry Handle

About the Colour Raider Battery Uplighter from Equinox

The Colour Raider Battery Uplighter pack comes with 4x6W quad colour LED’s included and they are an absolute treat to use.  Ideal for lighting walls, features and facades they are super easy to use and totally portable.  The carry handle helps move the uplighters with ease and the extractable foot allows you to tilt the units for easy angles.  We do love our battery powered lights and these are a great addition to the collection with a battery that can operate on a single colour for 12hours and 5 hours on colour fading/chase modes.  The handy remote included allows for one-person operation making easy BIG FX happen at the touch of a button!

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Why we love the Colour Raider Battery Uplighter from Equinox

We love battery powered lights, they are convenient to use and make events happen with that little more ease and most importantly are easier to use for venues, party planners, DJ’s and home users.  This uplighter pack is no exception – it is rechargeable, portable, comes with a remote and can be used at different angles to highlight trees, walls, facades, features and more.  One person operation makes these even more valuable to school users, DJ’s, theatre teachers, exhibition spaces and party planners.

Where to use the Colour Raider battery Uplighter from Equinox: 

The list is endless for this battery powered lighting pack – light up your trees and gazebo for a garden party, place them on an exhibition wall, use in the school play to light the stage, place around the room for any event, light up a statue or water feature or use for a photo shoot.  The list is endless for these super flexible, easy to use Battery Uplighters.