Confetti Burst


Easy to use, no CO2 or compressed gas required Works with most types of confetti Single person operation

About the Confetti Burst from Equinox

The Confetti Burst from Equinox is a professional confetti launcher fit to make any special event or occasion go off with a bang!  It is straight talking, easy to use, and compatible with most types of confetti.  It is controlled easily from the display and also includes a wireless remote for distant launching!  The single person operation means you don’t need a team of people to give your event a jet of colour – perfect for DJ’s, event hosts or in the home if looking to create BIG FX at the party!

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Why we love the Confetti Burst from Equinox

We love anything confetti and the Confetti Burst makes confetti even more fun– this cheeky bit of kit is simple, easy and straight talking.  It does exactly what it needs to do with zero fuss – just load and launch for a colour explosion at any event.  The remote control included is a great add on, and it even comes with a double-breasted yoke for easy mounting.  It is perfect for all types of users including commercial events, celebratory events, weddings, gender reveals, parties and more.

Where to use the Confetti Burst from Equinox: 

Wherever you want a pop of colour explosion! The Confetti Burst from Equinox launches confetti at the touch of a button – and the single person set up means it can be used by all.  It is perfect for using at a wedding, gender reveal, parties, celebrations, clubs and more.  It works best indoor but can be used outdoor as well (just mind that wind!)

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