Flame Effect BOB LED light


Compact UV Wash USB compatible for wireless or DMX control Flicker free video operation

About the Flame FX Light – BOB LED

The BOB LED simulated Flame Effect light gives you a simulated flame effect with no heat, continual operation and the flexibility to suspend on a chain or support on legs for table support.  The clever flame effect is created by 54 orange and 12 blue LEDs – perfect for an efficient cauldron effect type light.

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Why we love the Flame FX Light – BOB LED from Chauvet

We love to create events that have atmosphere and sometimes you just need that little something for people to have a great experience; atmospherics are perfect for this.  The Flame FX BOB LED light fits the bill perfectly, it is a clever piece of kit that gives off a fire vibe and is perfect to use as table stands or to be hung down walk ways or suspended above tables for a fire like glow.  It is affordable, lightweight, efficient and gives those BIG FX at ease and we love all things fire – but without the danger (and risk assessments)!

Where to use the Flame FX Light – BOB LED from Chauvet

This is Great for Halloween, for the garden, for theatre sets, beer gardens, red carpet events and the like.  Use it to line a walkway in the garden, bring it out the front door at Halloween for a cauldron like effect, hang it at a special event, light up an outdoor wedding ceremony; it’s also great for summer parties and lighting up forest walkways.  The flexibility of this light is what makes it a favourite – so wherever you need fire FX then the BOB LED from Chauvet is your best choice!