Pulse Tube


Colour Changing Freestanding, vertical and horizontal mounting 12hour rechargeable battery

About the Pulse Tube Lithium

The Pulse Tube Lithium is a colour changing LED effect which has super versatility! Mount it horizontally, vertically or attach the included feet for a free-standing effect.  It runs on a rechargeable battery that gives 12 hours use from just one charge.  So, with no power cables required this is ideal for anyone to use – students, party planners, event hosts, technicians, artists, retailers…the list is endless.  The Pulse Tube Lithium also comes with a handy remote and delivers static, fade and sound active modes – total bonus, total BIG FX

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Why we love the Pulse Tube Lithium

What’s not to love? These tubes are a top favourite of ours – they make creating light effects super easy and anyone can do it.  The tubes are light and can be mounted in a multitude of ways and don’t need any complicated cabling making sure they remain as flexible to mount as ever.  The rechargeable lithium battery gives a strong 12 hours use from a single charge so are ideal for events from fashion shows, retail displays, exhibitions, garden parties, weddings, club nights and more

Where to use the Pulse Tube Lithium: 

Hang these tubes at angles from the ceiling for a contemporary retail display, line your path with them for any event, free stand them around the stage for a geometric set design or frame that DJ booth! The list of uses is endless and we love to see what BIG FX our customers create with these awesome Pulse Tubes!

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Pulse Tube