VF Snow Flurry HO Snow Machine 600W


600W Water based snow fluid 2-5 meter snow spray

About the VF Snow Flurry HO 600W Snow Machine

The highly efficient VF Snow Flurry Machine is a great snow machine with some awesome features.  It is a 600W mobile Snow Machine which uses water-based snow fluid to launch out a 2-5meter spray of snow; perfect for adding that extra something to photoshoots, weddings, Christmas parties and gigs.  Added features include low/high snow output options and a much appreciated low snow fluid sensor to protect the pump.  The fluid tank takes 1litre of fluid and a wired remote comes included to help smooth operation.

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Why we love the VF Snow Flurry 600W Snow Machine:

We don’t call ourselves BIG FX for no reason – we love nothing more than special effects and snow is one of our favourite FX to create! This smaller snow machine from ADJ packs a punch and launches out a 2-5meter snow spray to shower your guests in a wintry wonderland.  Perfect for entries, exits, photo moments, music highlights, adverts, stage acts and special events this snow machine has the added bonus feature of a wired remote to help create snow flurries on demand and at distance.

Where to use the VF Snow Flurry 600W Snow Machine: 

Whenever you need a flurry of snow just look to the VF Snow Flurry machine, the Snow Flurry snow machine can give you a 2-5m snow spray for any event -weddings, stage shows, photo shoots, birthday parties, themed events, festive grottos.  The tank can take 1litres of water based fluid to create snow FX at your event, straight forward operation means it is suitable for a wide range of users and therefore perfect to have in house ready for your next event.