BubbleTron XL Bubble Machine


Hundreds of bubbles per min High velocity fan Super durable casing

About the BubbleTron XL Portable High-Output Bubble Machine

We love bubbles! It’s true – we really do love bubbles for giving out the BIG FX to weddings, parties, bands, special events, kids birthdays, stage shows and more. The BubbleTron XL Bubble Machine is portable and comes in an extra large durable plastic casing carried easily by the carrying handle.  The bubbles are high output and the machine easily creates hundreds of bubbles a minute which are quick to rise in the air due to the high velocity dual fan.  It accepts most types of bubble liquid and is a no fuss operation with an ON/OFF switch at the rear of the unit – ideal for any user!

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Why we love the BubbleTron XL Portable High-Output Bubble Machine

It’s a straight forward bubble machine designed to throw masses of bubbles in the air at high speed; and that’s why we love it.  Lots of bubbles, no fuss, easy to turn on and off, EZ Access front fluid tank all make this a great machine for mobile entertainers, bands, DJ’s, clubs, bars and small to medium stages.

Where to use the BubbleTron XL Portable High-Output Bubble Machine

The straight forward no fuss nature of the BubbleTron Bubble Machine make it an ideal piece of kit for entertainers, bands, DJ’s, clubs, bars, small to mid sized stages, wedding venues and more.  It functions outside and inside without fuss (although watch the wind direction if using outside), and we would use it to create a bubbly scene at a wedding, at a kids disco, at a garden party, at a gig, in a club – in fact anywhere we needed the bubble effect!