Geyser P7 Vertical Fogger


Pyrotechnic-like effect 2-tone bursts of fog Quarter turn hanging brackets

About the Geyser P7 Verticle Fogger

The Geyser P7 Verticle Fogger from Chauvet is a versatile piece of kit for adding show stopping moments to your music gig, dance show, nightclub, DJ set, entry/exit feature and more.  It gives insane pyrotechnic like effects without the use of any toxic chemicals, fire or heavy CO2 canisters.  It pumps out fog at an impressive 17,000cfm in a dense vertical stream which is then lit by the dual LED zones to create two tone streams of fog.  The Geyser P7 Verticle Fogger has a unique quarter turn hanging bracket so that you can maximise your angles of fog and makes life easy with the digital display so that even in a fast paced environment you can configure the unit easily!

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Why we love the Geyser P7 Verticle Fogger

It’s just very very cool…it really does give the BIG FX! The dense streams of fog are just so impressive and if you haven’t got your pyro license or you don’t want the risk assessment of pyro and heavy duty/cost of pyro then this machine is a super investment.  The incredibly versatile penta-colour LED RGBA and UV give you endless colour capability meaning you can make those streams of fog look absolutely stunning!  We also love the extra versatility built in with the quarter turn hanging brackets and the control from unit or wireless remote options…super handy!

Where to use the Geyser P7 Verticle Fogger

These aare obviously great stage additions…they give that pop of celebration to any stage entry, or to highlight any musical moment or guests hitting the dancefloor at a wedding.  Anywhere you would ordinarily use pyro consider using the Geyser P7 Verticle Fogger! We would always recommend this to nightclubs, music venues, entertainment venues, dance and performance groups.

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Geyser P7 Vertical Fogger