Hurricane 700 Smoke Machine


700W Fills a venue in minutes Water based!

About the Hurricane 700 Smoke Machine

The Hurricane 700 Smoke Machine is a great smoke machine for discos, parties, stage and atmosphere.  It is a high quality, affordable, water based fogger and can fill up a venue with fog in minutes.  It can be operated by the wired remote or manually allowing for versatility and different needs.  If you’re looking to create a good fog vibe in your venue this takes only 4 minutes to heat up and has an output of 1500cubic feet per minute from its 0.6L tank, perfect for creating a fast fog BIG FX!

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Why we love the Hurricane 700 Smoke Machine from Chauvet:

The Hurricane 700 is a great little machine, its portable and small in size yet is powerful to fill a venue with fog in a few minutes.  We love that you can operate it manually or by remote allowing for more flexibility when using.  It is a simple set up with one-person operation – perfect for DJ’s, party planners and venues looking to add that extra bit of atmosphere to their event and it’s also by the ever reputable Chauvet who know how to bring performance and value together.  

Where to use the Hurricane 700 Smoke Machine from Chauvet: 

This is a great machine to create a hazy atmosphere or ‘smoke screen’ at your special event, school prom, nightclub or gig.  It gives off a classic ‘fog’ filling any space with a ‘smokey’ feel so is perfect for use by DJ’s, solo acts, schools, village halls, entertainment venues, nightclubs and more.  The single person set up and ease of use and affordability make it an ideal first Smoke Machine!

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Hurricane 700