FOG FURY 2000 Portable Fog Machine


1100W high output No warm up between fog blasts 7000 cfm!

About the Fog Fury 2000 Portable Fog Machine from ADJ

The Fog Fury 2000 is the mid sized fogger in the very exciting Fog Fury series, it has a high performance pump system for optimum output and covers an impressive 7000 cubic feet per minute!  The Fog Fury 2000 Fog machine also has some cool features like an LED heating indicator system that changes colour depending on whether the fogger is heating up, ready to use or low fluid levels which is visible from a distance!  It comes with a manual remote on a 25ft cable for distant operation and it is also compatible with other remotes in the Fog Fury series so you can operate as you choose best.  It takes 8 minutes to warm up and has a 2.5L capacity and then is ready to fill the room with a high volume of fog quickly and impressively.

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Why we love the Fog Fury 2000 Portable Fog Machine

We like touches that make technical gear easier to use, more versatile or just a bit edgy and that’s why the Fog Fury 2000 Portable Fog Machine from ADJ makes our fogger list.  Apart from being able to create BIG FX with fog in your nightclub, event venue, light show it has some features that we just love – like the easy carry handle and the LED illuminating display that lights the fluid tank to let you know when the machine is ready to go as well as lighting up to show you when fluid levels are running low – perfect for keeping on track of your event FX at all times.

Where to use the Fog Fury 2000 Portable Fog Machine: 

The Fog Fury 2000 Portable Fog Machine is a great machine for your entertainment venue, it has a high quality performance output, can fill a space easily with fog to really pop out your light display and create a great atmosphere.  The easy alert LED function does make it a great asset to schools, community halls and performance groups looking for an easy to use piece of kit that functions brilliantly.